– Wide range of analysis capabilities
– Qualified team of professionals
– Customized modeling tools
– Quick turn-around time
– Validated software
– Impeccable track record
– Civilian and military designs
– Compatibility with other tools
– Testimonial of satisfied customers


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Designer Noise | ABS DLA | ABS SFA | ABS SafeHull | LR ShipRight | In-house software | Python


Quick modeling– In-house tools to generate complicated models swiftly, with excellent mesh control.

Three-hold Analysis – Cargo region analysis for bulk carriers & tankers based on CSR and HCSR, modified bulk carriers, class-specific notations and so on.

Dynamic Loading Approach (DLA) – A first-principle based enhanced analysis of entire vessel structure for Container Ships, LNG Carriers, Tankers and Bulk Carriers

Spectral Fatigue Analysis (SFA) – Direct and detailed analysis of critical connections to achieve a target fatigue life based on loads generated specific to the seaway.