Hull, Outfit & Accommodation Design

– Fabrication drawings & Block Assembly Sequence
– Hull Parts List
– Weight & COG list
– Profile Cutting List
– Block, Panel, Sub panel, Part & Profile sketches
– Nesting plan and NC tapes
– Cutting and bending template drawings
– Pin jig information
– Installation drawing
– Tray List

Machinery & Piping Design

– Arrangement and Installation drawing of Machinery outfit – Equipment foundations, HVAC ducts, Lifting beams, gratings, ladders and platforms
– Piping Isometrics, arrangement and spool piece drawings
– Material list for machinery outfit and piping components

Electrical Design

– Installation of Electrical Equipment & Cable Ways
– Manufacturing drawing of Cable Ways including Material List
– Manufacturing drawing of Electrical Equipment Seat including Material List for equipment Seat
– Cable schedule
– Termination Diagram